Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I think that President Trump’s labels about particular news stories and/or news companies is absurd. I shouldn’t be surprised given the things that have come out of his mouth thus far, but for him to attack some of these news companies is so ridiculous. I just watched this video from a segment on FOX news earlier this summer where CNN spokesperson says “ It’s a sad day when the president of the United States encourages violence against reporters….” To me, this is very sad because these reporters are just doing their jobs. I understand attacking or calling out sources who purposefully circulate fake news stories, however, I feel that Trump just picks a catchy phrase and runs with it. To me this seems like a deflection technique. Trump has always been the outspoken, blunt, no social tact that he is today, but I think when he has used the phrase “FAKE NEWS” in over 55 tweets this year he is merely trying to deflect off of himself and refocus people’s attention on things that don’t matter because as long as people are focused on this fake news rhetoric they aren’t looking deeper into his wrongdoings.

I am all for calling people out when you feel their actions are unjust or unfair, and I respect our rights as Americans to exercise free speech. For that reason I can not say he is doing americans a great disservice. I think that is one of the things that makes us a great country and is that we have the freedom of choice. We have the right to not only say, but decide whatever we want. The fact that he is using social media like a teenager is my opinion, that doesn’t mean I am right or that your views on the issue aren’t correct. It simply means that is the opinion I have formed with the information I have been given. While I don’t agree with Trump on the fake news issue, I have to give him credit for standing up for himself and for being passionate about what he believes. I think that the american people are more than capable of investigating these allegations by Trump if they honestly feel that their news is “fake”.

In my opinion, Social Media is the only component of media or journalism that is weakening our society. President Trump is telling it like it is, but I think he took it too far, in typical Trump fashion.

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  1. Jayme,
    Great post overall! I think your first paragraph really explains your opinion and is all backed up by evidence. I love when you said that Trump just "picks a catchy phrase and runs with it". It is so true because he hardly ever thinks before speaking. Like you said also, he just tweets like a teenager, one who does not put thought into his actions and the consequences of his actions. I do disagree with your comment about giving Trump credit for standing up for himself and being "passionate". Standing up for one's self does not have to be bringing others down and attacking them to make yourself feel better. I understand where you are coming from, just a difference of opinions. Good job! P.S. Can you make the font white maybe? It is very hard to read against your background!